Kodama Hiroyuki shows how to make jinashi shakuhachi

Kodama Hiroyuki is a great jinashi shakuhachi player. He is a student of Okuda Atsuya and my senpai. He studied jinashi shakuhachi making with Okuda and Murai Eigoro, and today is one of the key makers of this style of shakuhachi. In this video he will take you through the basic jinashi shakuhachi making process. Although a short film cannot show all the detailed and delicate parts of the making prcess, requiring a great deal of intuition, you can clearly get a sense of how someone as experienced as Kodama works with the bamboo in dialogue and respect. It is also easy to feel his spirit and approach to life as well as bamboo and nature.

2 thoughts on “Kodama Hiroyuki shows how to make jinashi shakuhachi

  1. Kodama Hiroyuki
    You are both craftsman and an artist, and have a beautiful connection with your creation.
    Thank you for enlightening me and teaching me some of what you know.

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