Music for Longchenpa is meditative music composed and played by Kenneth Larsen (clarinet) and Kiku Day (shakuhachi). The music itself is composed after a playful analysis of a text by Longchenpa by Jes Bertelsen. The CD comes with a booklet with explanations of how the music is made. When downloaded via the link below, the booklet can be downloaded too.

Kiku Day: Contemporary music for jinashi shakuhachi – forthcoming
Pieces by Roxanna Panufnik, Frank Denyer, Yumi Hara, Takahashi Yuji and Mogens Christensen

Mogens Christensen: Pipes and Reeds
Dacapo Records, 2012
Logitanion (Orgel: Christian Præstholm)
Couronne (Accordion: Adam Ørvad)
Night Flying Winter Cranes (Shakuhachi: Kiku Day)

Fred Hageneder – The Silence of Trees

Anne LeBaron – 1, 2, 4, 3
Innova Recordings (2010)
The trio: SilkBamboo & Catgut with Anne LeBaron, Kanako Nishi and Kiku Day has some pieces on this CD.
Otherwise it is a great CD with peices of Anne LeBaron playing solo, duo, quartet, and trio collaborations with Chris Heenan, Earl Howard, Georg Graewe, John Lindberg, Kristin Haraldsdottir, Leroy Jenkins, Nathan Smith, Paul Rutherford, Ronit Kirchman, and Torsten Müller:

Kiku Day & Henry Kaiser ‎– Zen Kaiju
Balance Point Acoustics ‎– BPALTD-303, 2007
Crazy shakuhachi and guitar improvisation.

Myles Boisen & Jon Raskin: Music + One
Music + One, created in collaboration between Myles Boisen and Jon Raskin, is a collection of solo improvisations that is meant to be played along with by improvisers. The instructions given to the participants before recording were simple: improvise for 3 to 4 minutes, as if you were playing music with your shadow. This was to allow room for others to improvise with the recording.

To test this, musicians were invited to play along with one of the tracks at the 21Grand Performance Space & Art Gallery on September 23, 2005. I played in these concerts and it was wonderful. The tracks were played randomly, and the players were grouped into duos, trios, or quartets, with the recording counting as one player. There were so many wonderful moments that the project was released on CD.

The musicians include George Cremaschi, David Slusser, Jen Baker, Larry Ochs, Chris Brown, Gino Robair, Liz Allbee, Garth Powell, Bill Horvitz, Kiku Day, Myles Boisen, Theresa Wong, Moe! Staiano, Rhodri Davies, John Shiurba, Jon Raskin, Ches Smith, Aurora Josephson, Jonathan Segel, Phillip Gelb, Philip Greenlief, and Tim Perkis.

Fred Frith: The Happy End Problem
Fred Records 2006
The Happy End Problem (Music for Dance Volume 5) is a studio album by English guitarist, composer and improvisor Fred Frith.
From Wikipedia: “In “The Happy End Problem” Frith drew on elements from Igor Stravinsky’s 1910 ballet, Firebird Suite. “Imitation” focused on Oriental elements and played on the Western world’s perception of Japan. At the time, the shakuhachi player, Kiku Day was a student of Frith’s at Mills College in the United States, and he constructed “Imitation” around her playing”.