Concert Series at the Meditation Centre

The meditation centre Vækstcenteret, at which I live built a new building in 2012. We decided this building could be used for event reaching out as a contrast to the centre itself, which has quiet contemplation at its core. I thus decided to create a concert series drawing on all my contacts of wonderful musicians from around the world. The concert series is called Verdensmusik i Nørre Snede (World music in Nørre Snede [name of the small town] – here I mean world music in the sense of the word: Music from the world rather than the genre that the word “world music” has become. It is wonderful to share the love of music – all kinds of music from around the world with the locals in my small town. We have so far had these concerts:

4) 4 November 2014 – Music from India: Supratik Sen Gupta (sitar) & Subrata Manna (tabla)

3) 29 September 2013 – Music from Japan: Charles Marshall (biwa) with Kiku Day (shakuhachi)

2) 17 May 2013 – Music from India: Debanjan Bhatta (sarod) and Subrata Manna (tabla)

  1. 17 February 2013 – Music from Korea: Hyelim Kim (taegŭm)