My background

I have lived at the meditation centre Vækstcenteret since autumn 2007. I am part of the community with a spiritual focus, consisting of 80 adults and 10 children. I take part in the daily meditation as long as I am not touring around the globe. Vækstcenteret was founded by Jes Bertelsen, who received transmission from Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. However, Vækstcenteret is not a Tibentan Buddhist centre. We have people of many faith here. The core principle of meditation is highly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and what Bertelsen learned from Urgyen Tulku Rinpoche alhtough Bertelsen is also influenced by other mystics and European philosophers. You can see Bertelsen explain a training model here:

For me meditation is an integral part of my daily life – just as shakuhachi playing is. I strongly believe meditating is important for developing an empathic heart, which is again important for the survival of our planet. It is my hope that the more people (including me) meditate the more we are in real contact with ourselves and others.