My background


I came to meditation through the shakuhachi. I lived with a Zen Buddhist monk at Yakushima Island, Japan for several month. He was building his own temple and dōjō, and I helped him. He introduced me to zazen. Since then my main training has been at Vækstcenteret, a meditation centre in Denmark, founded by Jes Bertelsen, with whom I have trained since 2007. Apart from my daily meditation at the meditation centre, I am wholeheartedly trying to understand how the shakuhachi could have been used as a tool for meditation since this part of the tradition was lost. I go on retreats when-ever I can in order to enable contemplation.




One thought on “My background

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    I admire you and your work, for re-discovering how this instrument passed down through us for hundreds of years, could have been used in meditation.
    The sound reverberates with simple but ancient wisdom. I would love to learn about what you discover.

    Thank you for your dedication to your work, Kiku-san.

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