Research projects

At present I am working on these projects:

Schizophonia, Zen life, Urban life: The contrasting soundscapes of Japan

Micro-phenomenological enquiry: how can shakuhachi playing  be used as meditation.

Creative collaboration with composers: Practice-based research.

Getting the heart in sync: Connecting sound, rhythms, heartbeat and emotions through music

Regional Shakuhachi Elders: The disappearing landscape of shakuhachi.

Shakuhachi as a Symbol of the Nation: Shakuhachi publications 1934 – 1945.

We sing as counter-protest: Silencing extreme right groups with song

One of the projects required an EEG or electroencephalography monitoring of persons listening to shakuhachi music played on jinashi shakuhachi and jinuri shakuhachi. This is one person’s neutral state:

This is the same person listening to jinashi shakuhachi:

This is the same person listening to jinuri shakuhachi:

The activities in the brain are stronger when listening to jinuri shakuhachi.

More to come…