Article in Ethnomusicology Forum

Mindful playing: a practice research investigation into shakuhachi playing and meditation

is the title of the practice research article I have in the current special issue of Ethnomusicology Forum 31.1: 143-59. I have used micro-phenomenological interview technique to do auto-ethnography on how I may play shakuhachi as meditation – something that has been important historically to the shakuhachi community. It is a nerdy research project and has as the main aim to explore how we speak about what we musicians do the most: practice, explore and experiment alone.
I am grateful to the special issues editors: Muriel Swijghuisen Reigersberg, Aaron Corn & Brett Pyper and the editorial team: Phil Alexander, Alexander Cannon, Henry Stobart & Frances Wilkins.


In 3 weeks the first of a series of online event organised by the European Shakuhachi Society will take place. The Road to Dublin when we finally will meet in person! ❤ You can register for the May event now.

New positions in ethnomusicology

I have now begun a new role as a member of the SEM (Society for Ethnomusicology) Council. I am very excited about this. The role of the Council is to advice the board.

I was also a member of the Bruno Nettl Prize Committee 2021. In this role I got to read quite a few very good books, I would probably not have read otherwise.