Shikoku88 Pilgrimage

I have decided to walk the Shikoku88 pilgrimage starting at the end of February 2019. It is a 1200 km route and I am eager to go! I have to prepare myself mentally and physically. So apart from walking lots of km’s, I am also thinking about the motive to do such a pilgrimage. The route has existed for more than 1000 years and has a depth to it worth taking seriously. I know one thing for sure, and that is I will play a piece on shakuhachi at every temple.



Recording Wild Ways

Finally the last piece for my CD with the 5 pieces composed for me during my PhD project has been recorded! Yay! Wild was for jinashi shakuhachi and double choir was recorded 15-16 March 2014!
It was beautifully sung by the Copenhagen Camerata Choir, skillfully led by Jakob Hultberg and just as skillfully captured by amazing sound engineer Viggo Mangor. Roxanna Panufnik flew over from London to listen as well and make sure we did a good job! 🙂
Can’t wait till editing it and getting the CD out! 🙂


Recording of Roxanna Panufnik’s Wild Ways with the Camerata Choir

Recording of Roxanna Panufnik’s Wild Ways with the Camerata Choir

On the 15th March 2014, I will record the last of the five pieces written for me during my PhD project. It is Roxanna Panufnik’s Wild Ways for jinashi shakuhachi and choir. The Camerata Choir will take care of the singing.
I am very much looking forward to it! And hopefully within not too long I can release the CD.

Prague Shakuhachi Festival 23-27 August 2013

Just back home again from Prague Shakuhachi Festival. This festival was smaller but the line-up of guests was extremely good and interesting. Mitsuhashi Kifu (shakuhachi), Mika Kimura (voice), Kikuo Yuji (strings: koto, shamisen and kokyū and he also plays biwa), Tanaka Takafumi (chief editor of Hōgaku Journal) and Christopher Yohmei Blasdel (shakuhachi). Apart from that we were Pamela Kurstin on theremin, Jim Franklin, Gunnar Jinmei Linder, Vlastislav Matoušek and myself on shakuhachi.

Great music, great students, great place and great discussions – all about shakuhachi ! ! ! 🙂