Interview with art historian Izumi Takeo about shakuhachi history seen through paintings

The shakuhachi history is a mystery! There are many unknown areas. It is therefore interesting to hear from researchers with various approaches. Here is the shakuhachi history seen through paintings. It is a relaxed conversations with IZUMI Takeo, professor emeritus with many wonderful paintings of shakuhachi playing people from the Middle Ages to the Edo period. Izumi explains what can clearly be seen when following the changes of paintings of komosō and komusō. He also talks about a mysterious person…
2 editing mistakes:
00:40​ IZUMI Takeo is a curator emeritus at Kyoto National Museum and not an honorary librarian.
24:43​ Izumi speaks about komosō but in the subtitles it is written komusō. FCPX could not handle macrons so the subtitles are without macrons unfortunately.

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