Ancestral Modernism Autumn Concert

The amazing percussionist Ying-Hsueh Chen is also organising concerts in her unique space Bådehuset, Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. Very boheme! We had an autumn harvest concert using materials that was in use in antiquity – but with a plant focus. We also used some ceramics and stones and bones. Anne Eisen Eisensee is a fantastic singer focusing especially on various folk singing traditions. She sang some wonderful songs from the Norwegian and Swedish folk singing traditions. This time we were joined by Jens Kloster, who has been a bassoon player in symphony orchestras. He has been playing a lot of lurs and he played both on a bronze lur and a bark lurs. I played on a new acquisition – an overtone flute made in elder wood by Aksel Stream and a bark flute with a shakuhachi mouth piece made by Otto Eskelinen. I played on stone and bone flutes too.
It was a wonderful experience! Thank you to all of you who came and to Ying-Hsueh for organising. And thank you to to Eva Fock, who had a workshop afterwards where the audience could make their own instruments, for the photos!

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