Today 10.8 (8th October) is World Shakuhachi Day!

The idea of World Shakuhachi Day comes from the 42nd kansu of Myoanji Temple, Seien Genshin. The idea is playing with words/numbers 10.8 = 10 sun = 1 Shaku + 8 sun = shakuhachi. and also the Buddhist important number 108. So we blow 108 times RO today! I had never played 108 RO before, so it was a first and a very positive experience. I choose a method suggested by my student Kirk McElhearn to keep track of the RO played by walking across my practice room. For each RO I took a step forward. I could take 9 steps and then turn around and take 9 more steps across the room. So I only had to count 12 crossings of the room. FUN! I will certainly do it again before 2021.10.8.

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