“New old” shakuhachi in my collection

I have for more than 30 years only had newly made jinashi shakuhachi and the jinashi made by myself. It has been very interesting to include in my collection 2 Edo-period shakuhachi (the two in the middle), the 2.5 Sakurai Muteki (my all time favourite) and the flute in the front from Dainihon chikudō gakkan by Kaneyasu Dōdō (this is mostly a research interest). I herewith declare, that I have enough flutes for the rest of my life.Thank you with gratitude to Genshin Naoyuki Sakai, Eric Genpu Strong, Riley Lee and Itamar Foguel, and Trần Cao – those involved in enabling me to get these flutes! 🙏😘

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