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I have published another shakuhachi interview. This time it is with shakuhachi performer, teacher and head of Chikumeisha, Mizuno Kohmei. These interviews are meant as a channel through which players can tell their stories and share their knowledge of the shakuhachi, its history, and much more. The shakuhachi world is very complex and there are many myths surrounding this instrument. I am hoping to add to the pool of knowledge about the shakuhachi to the vast and diverse non-Japanese group of shakuhachi aficionados around the world. I learn a lot through these interviews myself. Mizuno sensei talks about his own shakuhachi background, how he managed to have a job and still play shakuhachi at a high level. He also speaks about the creation of the Chikumeisha group and also the challenges the group faced after the death of Yamaguchi Goro, and how they moved on. I hope you will enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “New interview on my YouTube Channel

  1. This is fascinating stuff. Having come to the shakuhachi rather late in life, after decades of playing, recording and studying many other kinds of flutes, I’m amazed at what a complex world I have stumbled upon. Thank you for this.

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